MY Services

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Introducing Solids

Feeding real food for babies from farm to cradle. Whether you are thinking about baby-led weaning, homemade purees, or commercial products and/or services, let me help you weed through all the options and help focus on what will work for you and your family. Answering your questions in an objective and supportive manner, tackling any perceived barriers for success and creating a "solid" plan for you and your infant are the main goals of this session.


"Choosy Eaters”

In this session, I will help you identify simple, stress-free solutions to help you manage your choosy eater's independence. Within the session, we will identify the pitfalls and power struggles associated with your opinionated kiddo and their food preferences. Then we will collaboratively strategize ways to incorporate healthy nutritious food options into your kiddo's every day diet, without even skipping a beat.


Personal Chef Services

I will, on occassion, find myself back in the kitchen, cooking up nutrient-dense, protein-rich purees or whole food meals for families. If I can personally help you feed your loved ones their last meals, I would be truly honored to do so. When we talk, we can identify the specifics and I can check my availability. If I can't help, I will do my best to identify a local service that can. You have enough going on without having to think about menu planning and preparation in order to keep up your loved ones strength. - available upon request and availability



If you are caring for a loved one who has a chronic or acute need for healhty, nutrient dense, non-solid foods, I can help you identify a plan that will be easy, convenient and rewarding for both you and your family. Identifying stress free solutions to assist you during these difficult times of adjustment is my main goal for this session. When someone you love can no longer chew or swallow solid food it makes meal time complicated to say the least. You are already adjusting to so much, lets make a quick and easy plan to get food on the table and into the mouths of the people who need it the most... YOU and your loved ones.


Special/Restricted Diets

Getting creative in the kitchen can become overwhelming when you are on a restricted diet for any number of reasons. There are countless medical conditions that require you to eliminate or cut down on certain foods and products, which can take a toll both emotionally and mentally, let alone physically. So lets talk about what your specific needs are and identify several ways to help you meet your nutrition goals that will help meal time become enjoyable and something to look forward to... again.