Schedule your 60-minute virtual consultation with Henry's Hungry owner and chef Jenny Roether, MSW, who will spend a quality hour with you, focusing on the nutritional needs of both you and your loved ones. Identifying and meeting your individual health goals through strategic planning and consideration is the number one goal for our session.  Whether you have a new eater (age 6 mo) who has never eaten real food before, an opinionated toddler (up to age 5) or an experienced eater who either acutely or chronically suffers from dysphagia, (who would give anything to eat real food again) or anywhere in between, I assure you that together, we can collaborate and come up with a "solid" plan.  When we hang up, you will feel comfortable executing your plan and moving forward in a clear direction, for one person or the entire family.   

As both a trained psychotherapist and personal chef, my life revolves around people, their behaviors and really good food.  Everything from how to make it, how to grow it and how to get other people to move towards their goals and in this case- eat the way they want or need.  I have unique therapuetic and culinary skill sets to assess your family's basic needs and marry you with a solution that happily feeds everybody around the table with as little effort as possible.  My experience in mental health for over 10 years has taught me how to be effective in a short amount of time.  My experience cooking real food for babies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 4 years, has taught me a wonderful amount of lessons, tips and tricks in order to share with others.  And for as far back as I can remember, I have been cooking real food for myself and others, since I was allowed in the kitchen, so at least 20 years, and I have been collecting remarkable recipes throughout my entire life, which I will happily share with you.     

Let me assist you in thinking through all the information, assessing your family's needs and providing solution-focused alternatives centered around introducing solid food, choosy eaters and toddler hurdles (up to age 5) and supporting caregivers in how to make flavorful, nutritionally dense purees for folks suffering with dysphagia.  During our consultation, we will discuss the various aspects of your household, in order for us to strategize and develop a plan to reduce your overall stress and meet your family's individual food goals.

Consultations start at $165.00* for a 60-minute virtual session. 

Repeat customers will receive a lifetime honorary Henry's Hungry 20% friends and family discount which is also applicable to anyone you refer for a consultation.  I hope to help your family navigate its nutrition hurdles as needed over time, so that you don't have to manage power struggles and opinionated toddlers.  Sign up and do what Henry's friends do... "hey, mama Jenny? I have a question..."

Looking forward to chatting with you soon! - Mama/Chef Jenny

* Sliding scale upon request.  Please don't let affordability be your barrier to scheduling, we will work with as many families as possible, just give us a call at 415.361.7506 to inquire. 

Let's chat soon!