P  hotograph by Kera Vaca at     http://www.kerivaca.com/

Photograph by Kera Vaca at http://www.kerivaca.com/

Henry's Hungry Donates 5% of our total annual profits to the HOMELESS PRENATAL PROGRAM in san francisco

Henry's Hungry is honored to partner with Homeless Prenatal Program of San Francisco.  We believe that all babies deserve the very best from the very beginning.

HPP is proud to announce its new Wellness Garden!  The garden hosts a variety of activities including parent-child playgroups, familiy celebrations, and childcare.  The garden is also a wonderful space for prenatal yoga, support groups, and an overall healing environment.

For more information, or to make an additional donation to HPP, please go to their website to learn more about how this remarkable program serves over 4,000 low income and homeless families in San Francisco.