Introducing Solids and Raising A Healthy Eater

(Single Family, Maximum 2 Adults)

Cost: $225.00 weekdays or $275.00* evenings/weekend

Choose either a virtual (Nationwide) or in-home consultation (SF Bay Area only) with Henry's Hungry founder, Jenny Roether MSW, to discuss the process of starting solids.  Jenny is also a personal chef who will help assess parent's and baby's readiness regarding starting solids. She will also help parents identify and define their preferences and design a plan on how to begin. 

Mama Jenny answers all of your questions in a kind and supportive way.  She has a plethora of knowledge and experience as both a clinician, chef and most importantly, as Henry's mom.  She can provide an excellent overview of the pros and cons of making purees, whether to focus on baby-led weaning or some hybrid version of the two. Best practices will be discussed with emphasis on ease and convenience. Each session is unique and parents can focus on nutrition, menu planning, defining and introducing a solids strategy, disucssing issues related to reflux or various dietary restrictions and more. 

At the end of 60 minutes, parents will feel confident about their choices surrounding feeding their baby. Throughout the session, references and referrals are made on an as needed basis.  Parents are welcomed and encouraged to reach out to Chef Jenny for future consultations, as children moves through infancy to toddler-hood and beyond.  Sneaking veggies, identifying toddler food challenges and discussing ways to reduce stress and increase nutrition are areas that Chef Jenny can help support parents beyond their baby's first year.


150-MINUTE (2.5 hour) GROUP FORUM

Format based on group needs/request. 

(Weekend bookings available in both San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California:  Designed for Multi-Family, Maximum 6 Adults)

Cost: $200 per person* 

Group Forum can be general in nature or tailored to meet parent's specific focus.  Want to discuss how to make healthy and nutritious purees at home? Want to discuss the pros and cons of baby-led weaning?  Chef Jenny supports parents by identifying healthy, convenient, stress-free ways to introducing solids.  Each family is unique, thus what works for one kiddo may not work for another. This service is a wonderful opportunity for a group of parents to get together, ask questions, and learn from each other while strategizing about the next step of your child's culinary journey.  

* Upon request, sliding scale available for one group participant.


Learn How To Make Nutrient Dense Baby Food

Cost: $500* 

Personalized training for parents to learn how to plan, prepare, cook and store home-made baby food. Chef Jenny will cook collaboratively with parents in the comfort of your own kitchen.  We will preselect the menu and Chef Jenny will shop and arrive with everything you need to learn how to cook for your baby.  Includes training on best practices to reduce food borne illnesses, comprehensive menu planning and working with various dietary restrictions and conditions related to your child. The training is meant as a stress-free and supportive way to learn how to make your own homemade baby food.

PERSONAL CHEF SERVICES  In-Home Baby Food Chef Service 

(Weekly Service or As Needed By Request: San Francisco Bay Area only)

Cost: Starting at $165 per 32 oz. varied animal proteins.

Chef Jenny collaborates with parents regarding their child's menu planning from the very beginning.  Once the ingredients are determined, she shops, prepares fresh homemade baby food in the comfort of your own home.  To help parents rule out potential allergies, two new ingredients can be introduced each week.

Parents can choose from a variety of plans based on total amount of food and the menu.  Total weekly amount can range from 32 oz, 48 oz, 64 oz, 80 oz, 120 oz, 160 oz or 200 oz. 

Then parents discuss any specifics related to their child's menu based on any dietary needs such as, neding increased iron, high-calorie, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Plant- or Animal- based meals.  Menu can focus on greens and grains, proteins or a combination of both. 

This is a collaborative service where parents and Chef Jenny regularly discuss your baby's preferences, eating experience and nutritional needs on a week-to-week basis.  Chef Jenny will assist parents in identifying any struggles or concerns as needed, providing a truly unique and supportive experience. 

You may also request to have Chef Jenny prepare your baby's food as an ongoing weekly client or you may request orders on an as needed basis. 

* (50% non-refundable deposit required at time of booking for services greater than $300.00)


Jenny has done more than teach me the basics on making food for my little girl- she gave me the confidence to be able to prepare her foods. She made the process simple, direct while covering all the basics, and delicious!
— Laura Lara-Brady, 6 mo. old daughter
Henry’s Hungry has been amazing for my toddler. The result was delicious healthy meals that would expand my daughters palate and be extremely convenient for us. Henry’s Hungry delivers on all fronts: good for baby, good for family, good for the environment.
— Erin Riley, 14 month old daughter
My son loved all of Henry’s Hungry baby food. Fresh, local organic ingredients. Only the best! Lucas got to try flavors and ingredients I would never have thought of, and honestly, it is so good, that we ate whatever Lucas couldn’t finish.
— Renee Fisher, 10 mo old son