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Generations of Craftsmanship in the Kitchen and Beyond

I started Henry’s Hungry out of a passion and a desire to feed kids really healthy, yummy food from their very first bites. Since that time, I have stumbled upon what I believe is one of the most stressful parts of parenting; feeding our kids mulitple meals a day for the next way too many years. From introducing solids to managing choosy eaters, I have begun counseling families in an unprecedented and unique way. I have married my clinical skills with my culinary skills, in order to help parents (with kids under age 5), and now caregivers as well (with loved ones struggling with preparing, chewing and swallowing solid food), find both simple and reasonable solutions to reduce the stress experienced with feeding their loved ones.

You see, before I was a mom, I spent most of my energy working with severely disabled individuals as a clinical social worker in San Francisco, CA. Also, in my early 20’s, a.k.a. forever ago, I went to culinary school. I did some pretty great things in between, and although I never pursued a culinary career, I did use the kitchen as a healthy coping skill. On a pretty regular basis, I was in the kitchen releasing the stress of the day by cooking up fresh healthy meals for my nearest and dearest. So when my son Henry came along, I knew I would prepare his food from the very beginning. I wanted him to eat fresh food like his father and I enjoyed, not the way we were raised (hey, no judgment, it was the 80s). But I knew I wanted Henry to enjoy eating food for the taste, the color and the texture of the ingredients. I wanted him to be exposed to herbs and spices from the beginning, and I wanted to bring him to the garden and teach him to grow his own food. In an almost literal sense… from farm to cradle.

My consultations focus on how to help you meet your individual needs regarding how to provide nutritionally dense foods for your family that work within your particular lifestyle.  Each family/individual is unique, thus it follows that my consultations must also be unique.  As such, in addition to parents, my consultations are also designed for caregivers of individuals struggling with either issues associated with aging or acute/chronic dysphagia. Using my skill sets as a mental health clinician, a trained chef and Henry's mom, I intend to help you easily answer the universal question of “what are we having for dinner? 

We will identify a “solid'“ plan to help you prepare something fresh, something quick and something full of flavor, so you can spend more time with the people that you love.  My approach is meant to be unbiased and with a curious eye and always supportive in nature.  By pasking a few questions, I will attempt to identify your family's pressure point (a.k.a. the barrier to your success) so that I can help you create small, yet, significant changes in the way you think about and manage food in your life and the lives of others.   Through various cognitive and behavioral awarenesses, we can quickly identify several time-saving and stress-reducing solutions to help you meet your nutritional goals.  It is my sole focus to support families in their quest to feed their loved ones, in a way that works for them and them alone.

It is always an honor to speak with individuals because I learn something every time we talk with one another.  This service is reciprical in that way, and I thank each of my clients in advance for trusting me to be of service in this regard.  Feeding the people we love is the most cherished gift I can imagine, I am truly grateful to help in whatever way works best for your needs.

- Mama/Chef Jenny


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Jenny has done more than teach me the basics of making food for my little girl- she gave me the confidence to be able to prepare her foods using delicious produce. She made the process simple and direct.
— Laura L. (San Francisco, CA)

Jenny’s culinary skills are, without a doubt, superb. Her love of cooking, and passion for introducing both healthy and yummy food for families is evident in every bite of her food. PLUS tips and recipes!
— - Alexis G. 31 yrs old (San Francisco CA)


A lil' bit about me.

My name is Jenny, and I am Henry’s mom.  My best memories are in the kitchen watching my grandmother or one of my parents whipping up delicious home made meals to nourish our family around the dinner table every night.  You see, my mother had to cook by using the exact recipe and my father, well, he was unbelieveably great at grocery shopping but he struggled with medium rare.  But my Grandma Ree and my Great Aunt Dolores, were truly amazing women.  I feel like a pioneer every time I try to touch their spirits in the kitchen.  I have spent my entire life collecting recipes from anyone I could find and everywhere I could go.  I just love making people happy in and around the dinner table. Honestly, the older I get, the more I want to move back to basics, the way my grandmother used to do.  She planted the tree or the bush that grew and produced the fruit or the vegetable that she then washed, steamed, fried, or baked into something delicious- all hand picked from her garden earlier that day.  My grandfather built my grandmother an underground root cellar so she could store all her jams and relishes, sauces and sweetened pears or peaches, which were of course, always my favorite.  I would take a jar of my grandmother's canned peaches over any ice cream sundae, hands down, every time.

Feeding others is the way that I can communicate my adoration for the people who sit around my table. And now... I believe I have evolved Henry's Hungry into what I think truly matters most.  My take on the answer to the question of "what's for dinner?"  is that we have been asking the wrong question.  The question, I believe we should be asking, is this...

"How can we gather around the dinner table eating good food with our loved ones for as long as humanly possible?

Because at the end of the day, time is our greatest commodity. How we spend it is truly all that matters. For me, that means I have found my way back to the simpler ways of life; tending to my garden, teaching Henry how to cook, exposing my nieces to actual vegetables, pickling, canning and of course, lots and lots of mason jars. My hope is that I can share some of what I have learned with you. I created Henry's Hungry out of a genuine desire to make sure that all families are able to have access to healthy food.  It began with cooking for infants, evolved into menu planning with families with toddlers, and then eventually families in general, and now I am focusing on end of life/hospice needs for folks with dysphagia.  It is truly an honor to help caregivers save time, energy and stress on a daily basis, all while enjoying the bounty of fresh food for the soul.

- Mama/Chef Jenny



I will use all of my clinical and culinary skills to ephatically listen to your particular concerns in order to help problem solve your family's food needs.  Low sodium? Low/No Sugar?  Gluten-free? Paleo? High Protein? Allergic? I will make every effort to identify the barriers and obstacles to your success in managing your health.  I am concious of your cultural considerations and together we will develop a plan to help you move forward with your nutritional needs and goals.  I will also provide trusted referrals to various individuals, products, cookbooks or services, whenever "solidly" indicated.  I can’t help it, I will always be a social worker, making referrals as clinically necessary is my bread and butter. Sign up today for your consultation.

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