Put super greens in everything... Seriously... Do it.

Spinach and Kale and greens OH MY!   First and foremost, I mention these two greens because they are the most abundantly used these days.  Of course, you can add bok choy, collard greens, mustard greens, arugula, and more but I find these to be too bitter or spicy for most babies.  

Spruce up almost any baby food by adding these two super greens into the mix. Just add a handful of spinach or kale at the end of your steaming process or just blend in raw when its time to puree if your kiddo doesn't mind some texture. Super greens rule!

Kale is a better source for manganese, copper, calcium and Vitamin A, C, B6 and K. Spinach has all of the above as well, but it rules when it comes to folate, and both are amazing sources of iron and fiber. Go Greens! 

Both pair well with the following:

* apples * beets * butternut squash * carrots * lentils * parsnips * peas * pears * sweet potato * 

Two tips:

1. due to nitrates that leech out of the greens into the water, if you steam your veggies, try not to use the water to puree or thin out your baby food,  and

2. use baby kale or baby spinach for a sweeter flavor for your baby. 

Happy eating babies!